PVD - Physical Vapour Deposition

Decorative coatings

  • decorative metallization of plastics with a top coating
  • wide range of design possibilities with the combination of coating and PVD technology
  • extraordinary effects like a mirror finish, satin finish, effect of depth or Translux (partially light-permeable layers)

Decorative hard material coatings

(metal ceramics)

  • what are known as ‘metal ceramics’ on pure metals, galvanized surfaces or glass

  • no subsequent protection of the surface required, e.g. with another a layer of coating

Functional hard material coatings

Solving problems in the processing of plastics: injection moulding tools with PVD coating.

By applying multi-layer coatings on components, tools and machine blades, it is possible to influence different wear mechanisms and the properties of materials.