Values and objectives

M+M Colordesign AG’s values and objectives have evolved through the participation of all the employees. They have grown together and shape the distinctive, open culture of M + M Colordesign AG whose focus is always the people. Our values connect us with the past and, at the same time, they are the best foundation for a successful future.

We respect the environment and everybody involved is geared to fulfilling a sustainable business policy from the employees to the customers, partners and suppliers, as well as our internal processes.

We all act together as one to achieve our collective objectives. We act and we communicate in an open and straightforward manner, and pursue smooth and clear processes. We shall always be fair and direct.

Who we are

We are the partner you are looking for to add the finishing touches to your products, which will help you give your product that extra unique selling point in the market. We are also the partner for you if you’re after solutions pertaining to coating, designing or printing.

We help you from the idea to the realisation of your project. In doing so, we support you with a feasibility study and pre-project planning, from small runs to mass production.

Our objectives

We want to be the number 1 company in the market, with the SwissMade label, for small to medium-sized parts, in the areas of finishing, printing, PVD coating and dial manufacture. Our quality is defined and controlled in coordination with our partners and customers. We are always looking for the next challenge and focus on finding the perfect solution. Our success is the incentive for reaching the next level and to set the bar even higher. We are always striving for the best results.