Company history


The company's founders, Rolf Mathys and Hansjürg Moser, worked together at ETA SA in the manufacture of dials. They set up the company M+M Colordesign in Grenchen, which at that time focused mainly on coating and printing dials.


The sole proprietorship of the two founders becomes the limited company, M+M Colordesign AG, in which Benedikt Kummli became involved.

The range of services grew from the original refinement of timepieces and dials to the coating of plastic and metal parts for household and electrical appliances, and medical technology.


Philipp Pretat adds his Décolletage company to M+M Colordesign AG and becomes an important part of the operation, both in dial manufacture and the production of systems for lacquering and printing.

The purchase of a PVD vacuum coating plant enables us to also cover this additional volume of coating orders.


The two founding figures part company. Hansjürg Moser sets up the company Color Solution SA in Ticino. The two companies work closely together.

Rolf Mathys dies unexpectedly in the autumn of 2009.

Pia Mathys, Hansjürg Moser and Bruno Wyss become members of M+M Colordesign AG’s operational Board of Directors.


Thomas Wyss, a longstanding friend and companion of the two company founders, becomes Managing Director.

Thanks to the tireless continuation of the philosophy of the two founders: quality, honouring deadlines and expertise, the company employs around 40 people, 2 of whom are trainees in the field of industrial finishes.

The ratio of women the company employs is over 65% and at 50% in the upper and middle executive level.


The company is heavily committed to occupational health and safety. Focused activity to define the quality with the introduction of the M+M QA system, modern PPS system, and investment in a clean-room for the application of coatings to meet the increased requirements of our customers in the medical sector.


Thomas Wyss leaves the company to devote himself once again to his previous occupation. The Executive Board consists of Annemarie Amstutz, Benedikt Kummli and Pasquale Tomazzoli.


The firm M+M Colordesign AG was certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 in February.

The intensive work of every single member of staff enabled us to reach this important milestone.

Mr Philipp Pretat from the Décolletage department is beginning his well-earned retirement. Procurement of dials is still guaranteed.

The strong Swiss Franc also presents us with new challenges.
Having purchased a 4-colour pad printing machine, we can fulfil our customers' many and varied wishes even more quickly and efficiently.
To expand our vacuum coating offer, we are also continually investing into the PVD system.

Certification and on-going investments enable us to guarantee high quality for our customers and partners and reliably stand by your side in the future.